Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT

Unit 103 - 487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT (Physical Located on the Second Floor of Joie de Vivre Spa, Yellowknife, NT address)  (Next door to the Discovery Mine Services)

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Unit 2 - 483 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3R9

Tel: 1-867-873-4881   Fax: 1-800-557-9887

Email: rlwiclinic@outlook.com

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Immigration Medical Examination (IME) General information

Dr. Wong will do the IME at his Range Lake clinic (not the hospital).


The address is 103-487 Range Lake Road, Yellowknife, NT.

We are next to the Discovery Mine, inside the “Joie de Vivre Spa”; on the second floor.


All IME will be pre-booked;

The IME is usually done outside the clinic hours, i.e., after 9:00 pm on weekday night or on the weekend.


If you are a female, you must bring a Chaperone (your friend, partner, parent, sister, brother, etc.). NO chaperone, NO medical exam.



My fee is $350.

The lab and X-ray are about $200. (they will be done at the Stanton Territory hospital, M-F, 8-2 pm). (Dr. Wong does not do the X-ray nor the lab work in his clinic; these are done after the medical, usually the next day).

There is a C$175 charge if you do not show up for your booked appointment.

You could pay by debit/Credit card.



You need to bring in your Passport.

Bring your IMM1017E form if you have it.

Also, bring in the COVID vaccine record.

You do not need to bring in any pictures.


All the primary communication is via clinic email and your email: Our email is rlwiclinic@outlook.com


The IME will take 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of your medical conditions. The functionality of the immigration server will sometime affect it too.


Please bring in ALL YOUR medications and any pertinent past medical records.


Generally, the completed IME will be submitted to immigration within ten days; you will have a complete copy via email.